They Stabbed It Deep Into My Heart

They Stabbed It Deep Into My Heart They Stabbed It Deep Into My Heart is a poem based an actual experience. I was living in a small Vancouver apartment near downtown at the time of the incident. I was having certain problems which may have been the reason for the terrible situation. It was not a very good time in my life. I remember thinking that my life did not mean that much at that point. Knowing I could consume much alcohol very quickly gave me that possibility. I somehow stumbled down a few flights of stairs and into the street which saved me. ThereRead More →

Today I Was Not Visible

Today I Was Not Visible I find that the significance of my aura is never a definite or constant value.  Several factors determine the quality and field of radiance. My chances of remaining noticed by others are directly proportional to my aura and a combination of other illusory realm factors which are not under my control. The extent of my invisibility usually varies quite a lot on a daily basis.  The phenomena is much like my ability to fly in dreams. Sometimes I need to vigorously flap my arms to barely get off the ground.  Other times I can streak around the wild blue yonderRead More →

Illusory Realm Vagaries

 Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel contains the original poem and the sequel.  The first poem describes an individual struggling to escape from an illusory prison in the illusory realm.  Time travel caused a shift in the space-time continuum producing undesirable effects. Unpropitious forces were seeking to absorb the soul of the unfortunate traveler. The victim speculated the possibility of escape by traveling back in time. He unfortunately no longer had access to appropriate equipment that could make it a reality. We do not know if he ever escaped. I lost all contact due to some type of illusory realm spectral interference anomaly.Read More →

I Realize My Time Draws Nigh

I Realize My Time Draws Nigh I realize my time draws nigh was put together from fragments contained on three different cloud notes. Accepting life as it is may be easier knowing you always made the best decisions possible. Being human is most likely the biggest reason that excludes us from that reality. Regrets about past actions in life serve no good purpose when there isn’t chance to regain your youth and do it over again.  It is pointless to suppose what could have been at sixteen when you reach the ripe age of sixty. The animated heart representing the poem I Realize My Time DrawsRead More →